Welcome to The Donn Zver Pottery

The benefits of baking and serving with Donn Zver's
Pottery is many.

· Because it heats evenly, your Donn Zver Pottery retains
the heat and keeps your food warm for a long time.

· Produces exceptionally crisp crusts and moist interiors

· Promotes even baking and browning

Pottery by Donn Zver is known for its unique

combinations of glazes
and for its distinctive form.

Each piece is individually designed and has
its own fascinating contours and colour characteristics.

No two pieces are completely identical,

even in matched sets. 
Each piece is a work of art.

The form follows function. Our pottery is designed to
perform the task it was created for, if its to  enhance
a meal with a dramatic dinner set
or creating an ambiance with an elegant oil lamp.

There is a simple reason that we work
with stoneware clay: its extra high density

provides each item
with exceptional thermal qualities.

Hot foods stay hot in our
casseroles; wine and other

beverages stay cold in our decanters,
wine bricks and jugs.


This page contains my Pottery from 1966 to today.

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This page contains information on how to take care of you Donn Zver Pottery.

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This page will give you information in regards to our dinnerware options and photos of our settings.

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Special Events covers the dates of our Sales and other Special Events here at the studio.

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