This page gives you a history of Donn's Pottery. From his first piece made in 1966 to todays peices.

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  1. First Bowls made in 1966
  2. Earthenware Vase Carved 1966
  3. Bottle form Sheridan College 1970
  4. Teapot made at Sheridan College 1970
  5. Slab Bottle Form Sheridan College 1970
  6. Bowl made in Dundas Studio 1971
  7. Canister Set made in 1978
  8. Heart Box 1979
  9. Wine Decanter 1982
  10. Stoneware Jar made in Troy 1985
  11. Basket Form 1985
  12. Slab Tray 1999
  13. Bowl Troy Studio 2007
  14. Jar Troy Studio 2007
  15. Stoneware Tray 2014

A series of Pictures of the everday happenings in the Studio

Contributing to the future of my craft has always been an important aspect of my work. Helping the next generation of Potters, here is Donn assisting a legally blind student make Pottery.
Here Donn is Glazing his Pottery, preparing for a forthcoming wood firing in Hamilton. Experimenting at all times is an important part of his work.
When working in the studio I often work in a series. That means making many pieces of one item at a time. This allows for a nice flow in the work day. Here is a series of small one cup Teapots.
Doing large commissions is another part of our Studio work. This commission is being done for the Brant Catholic School Board. Involving some 45 large 24-inch bowls with carving on the rim.
Decorating the Glazed Pottery. Here Donn adds oxides to the surface of the piece to add colour and definition.

After weeks of work, it is always a treat to open a glaze firing. You never know exactly how things will work out as the atmosphere and temperature have a lot to do with the final outcome. It's like Christmas every time we open the kiln.
Studio Hours
Our Pottery is open 7 days a week
From 9:30 am until 5:00 pm.
The Pottery is also open on Friday,
Saturday until 6:30 pm.

We can be reached at 519-647-2117 LINE 1
The Pottery Team
Tamara Hunter Clark
Nancy Redwood
Sandy Russell
Donn Zver