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Dolly Parton Imagination Library Fundraiser


When I was young and in Grade School, I had a hard time reading and a big issue with comprehension. Like so many kids who had these issues, I suffered all the way through school. I have a special place in my heart for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library because this organization through Dolly helps kids with reading. Each month a child in the program will get a book from Dolly, this goes on for the first 5 years of a child's life. The books are sent to the child's home and when the child receives them they want to be read to. A great way to learn about books and to learn to read. I wish this was around when I was a young boy. 

This is the reason that I support this effort and have for the past 10 years. Now that I can give back, I have made these wonderful heart bowls. A symbol of love, give them to a loved one or to Mom for Mother's Day. Fill them with love and candy.

Come out to the Pottery, pick up your heart bowl, and help me make a difference for our kids.
Each bowl is $35.00 and $15.00 of this sale will go directly to the Dolly Parton Foundation (Canada).
Thank you in advance for your kind support of this worthy cause.


Before he passed away, my Daddy told me the Imagination Library was probably the most important thing I had ever done. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me because I created the Imagination Library as a tribute to my Daddy.

Dolly Parton